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My Yoga Teacher Training – How I got there & Why

Going ahead and finally booking myself onto my Teacher Training course was kind of a big deal,

I’d been going back and forth in my mind on whether this was the “right thing” to do purely because I was doubting myself on whether I was “ready” to do it, I’m purposely putting the words Right Thing and Ready in brackets because what eventually got me to sign up was to realise that those 2 things shouldn’t matter in the decision process…

My burn out had been a long time coming, I’d been unwell for a while and had never really been able to come back to my usual strong, driven, bubbly, confident, 70 hours a week without blinking working self since it had all started, so making the decision to leave my job, take some much-needed time out for myself and my family was a no brainer, it is during the transition of leaving that I started looking into turning my passion and long-time personal practice of Yoga into something deeper,

Teaching is me all over, I’ve spend my career in training, coaching and people development which I have loved and still love doing, so doing a Yoga Teacher Training course seemed the perfect way to combine it all. This is why I knew that teaching Yoga was going to be something I love doing, and hopefully that I am good at, but my main priority was to better my own practice, challenge myself and learn everything I could possibly learn about the subject.

This is how, after thinking long and hard about where I was at and what I wanted to do that I realised I was indeed Ready to embark on a Teacher Training AND it was absolutely the Right Thing to do.

This training is by far the most exciting and challenging thing I have ever done in my life, I have learnt everything I wanted to learn about what makes Yoga so incredible, and more, but I have also learnt so much about myself and my body during the process,

My choice of doing an intensive 1 month training meant that I was quickly and deeply immersed into the yoga world, and was lucky enough to share this experience with the most amazing bunch of humans I could have hoped to share it with, the support, patience and determination of every single one of them was breath taking and kept us all going in moments where things got hard. 200hours of training in 4,5 weeks was always going to have its ups and downs and I was ready for it, but like everything in life there is only so much you can prepare yourself for until you are in it. Hours of physical practice every day… lecture after lecture, including some challenging subjects such as Anatomy, Sanskrit philosophy etc… combined with a 3 hour commute everyday to come home to more studying and scripting, spending weekends doing course work such as class observations, journaling, writing essays…

Needless to say I had a few emotional melt downs along the way…

Until before I knew it, 4 weeks had passed and it was time for my theory and practical exams, how did it all happen so fast? There was no way I was ready and was going to pass…? It’s how stressed I was about failing that made me realise how bad I wanted this, I wanted to get qualified so that I would be able to share my learnings and now stronger practice than ever with whoever was going to let me.

And so I did!! 1 week later - exams in the bag with scores and feedback to be very happy of -

I am now a certified Yoga Instructor and my passion for Yoga is stronger than ever,

As I’m writing this I am currently working on the next steps, finalising the direction of my ongoing training, keep doing research and constantly playing with my own practice, postures and sequencing, ready for future classes.

I am super excited about what's next and cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Julie – Within The Making x

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